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Instant 3-Ingredient Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

My fondest memory of strawberries is the strawberry jam my mom used to simmer up when I was a child – she’d buy them in bulk when they were in season and cheap and torment us all by filling the house with the smell of sweet strawberries and boiling sugar on what always felt like the hottest of summer days! It was, appropriately, hard work which resulted in the sweetest of rewards!
And speaking of sweet rewards, do you remember the days when delicious, sweet strawberries were only available during summer? When you’d spot that first punnet on the supermarket shelf and do a little happy dance on the inside? (or on the outside – I don’t judge). While they seem to be on shelf all year round now, I flat out refuse to buy them out of season – they never taste quite as good as when you have to wait for them don’t they? And while my fondest memories of them do involve jam, I’m not about to sweat myself to death over a stove top to relive my childhood memories (sorry mom!). So instead, I’m telli…

The most delicious Eggettes recipe.

EggettesEggettes is the Hong Kong style waffle and you can found it at every night market at Hong Kong. But about the delicious eggettes, you have to know how to cook it by following its recipe. So here we show the 'secret recipe' of eggettes for you. This was my introduction to eggettes, a classic Hong Kong street food. Like most street food, they taste best seconds after they’ve been handed to you by the vendor. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, it’s like bubble wrap made of cake, and pulling off the individual “eggs” affords a satisfaction akin to popping the little bubbles on bubble wrap. The Chinese name, daan jai or gai daan jai, literally translates to “little eggs”, which is what the treat resembles, although somewhere along the way someone came up with the much catchier name “eggettes.” Eggettes became one of my and my sisters’ favourite things to eat in Hong Kong, and every time we’ve returned, we keep one eye open for a eggette stall every time we …

Ice-cream the all time No.1 soft-serve in the world

Soft-serve, the often overlooked ice cream, is in the midst of a makeover.It’s being dipped in melted Belgian chocolate flavours, like key lime pie and white chocolate Oreo, before being slathered in toppings as the coatings harden. It’s being stuffed into cone-shaped pastries, layered on top of toasted rice, topped with cotton candy and rolled in popular breakfast cereals. New shops serving up Instagram-worthy cones keep springing up, while existing brands expand to new locations. Consumer demand, so far, has been fuelling that growth but with the winter months approaching, it’s up to the shops to sustain demand as temperatures dip — and to ensure soft-serve isn’t just another passing food fad.
“The ice-cream business is very popular,” said Sam Arif, co-founder of La Diperie, a soft-serve chain that started in Montreal.
At La Diperie, there is only one flavour of soft-serve (vanilla) but patrons can choose to dunk the cone into one of dozens of flavoured chocolate sauces and finish it of…